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Toradora, anime that will make your heart warm.

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We now recommend blacking Anime no laundry on vacation after the long view.
Have many friends say this much fun.

Takatsu Ryuji’s tempestuous story said a high school student. The external view are evil. But the reality is a very good hearted people. Isaka Taiga girl classmate. Draft small label that has been “PalmTop Tiger.” Both men had not known until the day before school opens. Both mistaken as a fan. But the reality Ryuji’s friend Kutsueda Minori falls in love Taiga. Then it falls in love Taiga Kitamura Yusaku friends Ryuji.

Both the association is working to the opposite side. But that becomes Ryuji Taiga must take care of everything seems to become increasingly a sweetheart of Ryuji then we have or will fulfill one’s hope to Minori?







Takatsu Ryuji.
Prince of stories. Unfortunate to have known the Taiga. Ryuji is a problem in life a little. That looks pretty fierce. It has infected a father from the evil gangster full page. But they are inherent to self very well. It requires a parent living with 2 people just throw you to the beautiful young mother. Who work nights. Aimlessly and sleeping all day so it must Ryuji self and everything good in any way. Throw a temper smuttiness not see that again. Throw people like that be lovely when he came to find that Taiga is living alone and a foul. Ryuji is insupportable to help. In fact, they love Minori classmate is. But with the presence Minori always so shy shy shy love confess. This is a good go? With the addition Taiga leave it alone do not. He is the care and Taiga. That he has asked to be Taiga? I do not see that continuing a fan. Care must feel just like a sisterhood.


Isaka Taiga.
Star on the women. Habits are quite techy. What They is not happy obviously. Clubs have collapsed size photograph of yourself to make too shy to outright. And a fear of friends and students who have no association with courage. One is a friend Minori, Taiga lives alone in a rental house next to the old home of Takayama Tsushinki) not self. Living amid a mess of the house called midden that dirty, but very moderately to intervene to find Ryuji care. Life is better known. Ryuji to eat at home every hand. Add to the other to sit with other sleep itself is a separate house. (Ryuji because mother liked) the relationship of both develops rapidly. From the home side as the same family. More people will like the fans association. Taiga be because in addition to that. Self-love young Kitamura glasses. Vice president student. Taiga, but then really seems to be jealous and steal the disgruntled Ryuji be young to have struck a different flow of the deep. Minori and even called that friend. But the problem really is time for people to help she is always Ryuji A. .. … and then when Taiga to understand herselves?


Kitamura Yusaku.
Most young pop glasses. Sidekick’s Ryuji, student vice president. Head Softball and soccer clubs. (Or baseball?) Is a man who likes mysterious act because usually think to call What offside frequently. And a vision of many. Issues that are very adult. Taiga and Kitamura have liked to confess love when grade 10 but because of the tendency Taiga. Taiga declined to make. Now throw him to deflect the president likes the pretty young students like him quiet. But even receive love confession from him Taiga Taiga also act to the old-fashioned. Despite not answer but did not deny and dare not to. Kitamura is that people want everyone to conciliation. Coexist with nobody painful. But sometimes his sincerity to the Taiga Ryuji painful.







Kushieda Minori.
Taiga’s best friend is a young high portfolio. Space not to work. People are always euphoric. In The New Issue is applicable to a swath that. What is smart of them close. And solve the world fall in style. (Row house I called leakage) in the new edition The special after school she worked at several other more. Throw love to sing that tune themselves to own a key break last throughout that time again. Called on a change of mood. In addition, she is also a Captain Ball Softball Club with women. Called high-end portfolio formula. A promising young act like that sometimes myself as men. Because the radar for a young lovely. Not on who revealed that she likes but she do not know no. Ryuji she steal love.





Kawashima Ami.
Most beautiful teen fashion model. AMI is a body of shapely top. What would not eat and obese. (To feel included instead of the chest) Ami is a contemporary children’s friends Kitamura. So she always called him that Yusaku, Ami is a young 2 pages often create a young, clean image. But really. She is a friend who does not actually laundry people. Habits that it’s around the fellowship. Create the image she gives anyone straying page flow, but people are really furious and cynical people do not like the page. AMI, which is only expressed before Taiga. Fortunately, Ryuji Kitamura to actually see the page. Her early. Ryuji is a fellowship with the people she faces on the real. (Not because he disliked most stupid faces of Ami — AMI just do not like to hit more than 2 pages) really jealous that Taiga AMI What can indulge yourself and then have people accept the union. Is not like the version in The New AMI seem to be a young Ryuji our habits as well.

Toradora is another story that has not seen the Anime. Long and then (later on in school but are systematically harem), but also about 1 Viewed heart feel warm.
OST. Toradora.







HTC Touch HD review.

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The best version of the HTC for the year 2008 would need to raise the position because of HTC Touch HD is a format designed to split from the old format to a full-Touch Phone inch based on the control. All functions work. It is a card for the 2008 year-end HTC device with a wedge to fight a variety of brand equity, and looks similar to Apple’s iPhone device in the form of a simple design in style now. Times that include Samsung Omnia, Asus P835 and HTC Touch HD has no note on the group will design a style long view. BorderFree inch curve to stumble. Buttons and controls are working less than ever to work in a focused format Software Touch full Windows Mobile 6.x Although not designed to support a working Touch every time I see you now, the natural force. is own. Make the flow of trying to trick the iPhone using Software OS fuddle mimic it.

HTC Touch HD, however it is a response to a variety of work patterns and shred the old design left out. Before we can go see the other day in this review. I talk about the features of this better than before that the HTC Touch HD What is some interesting. When compared with the cost. The launch of it first. This represents a price that is relatively high.

1. display a 3.8-inch WVGA.
2. camera 5 million pixels.
3. in the FM.
4. In box has the headphones 3.5 mm.
5. ROM + RAM size.
6. GPS.



Equipment that is in the box. Enough to come to a general. Is a line charge. CD Guide transformer but no podium charge.

I feel the first touch of the HTC Touch HD Screen why I feel it big and clear as this content. This version of the big screen to 3.8 inches larger than the iPhone because iPhone is a waste only 3.5 inch screen is only displayed to the screen’s high resolution of 800×480 pixels that is also called a screen. WVGA out what breeds. The machine design with high-grade materials. Fume color is shiny black plastic around the front edge. Screen similar to the dry plate glass two pages. It focuses on the HTC Touch HD because active forms of Touch Interface allows the full version of this swath of some loving. Although the screen size will be larger if compared to 3.8 inch size, the length and width of the machine is not very much wider than the iPhone has the shape size 115 * 12 * 62.8 mm only. In weight than a little general. 2.8-inch screen because the general will weigh approximately 120 grams, but HTC Touch HD is a 146 gram weight.


Near the left button What many do not have a save button to adjust the volume only. Side of the plastic around. To feel a touch better then hand tighten less slippery.

After a version of this disc is in black plastic. Then do not capture a thumbprint next. Area is part of the back plate camera. The models are up to 5 million pixels, but will not lift the Flash with the camera lens around the aluminum side. Swell up to protect the lens and the back wall is dented. It also helps put a time on the table and then be quiet enough to have known audio speakers have come out victorious.

Section on the right hand side of the flat does not close any of the button. This is different to any other PDA phone models that cover the right hand of the machine usually has a button with the Camera, but for this version of HTC Touch HD flat close.

In the bottom right hand box is stored in a computer version of Stylus this store Stylus box below to fear but do not drop it because this version of Stylus and a steel storage box is a magnetic pull it with. Similar models with HTC Touch Diamond.

Channel connections to the old format is the mini USB.

Button switch is near the top button switch easily because large easy press. Unlike some devices like the Samsung Omnia switch buttons too small. Require nail pinch. Rule versions of this headset is the first เลย headphone jack to a standard 3.5 mm that means that we can find a listening ear to a common standard. Or a good brand for headphones certainly used them with this version as well. This is different from previous models that typically use a Mini USB headset I own is not like the same row take a better international standard.


Button near the front. Strange from previous models. Because it uses a style called “Touch a button in Fort Patrick sure is a simple row of small buttons. I must concede to the undaunted courage to accept the HTC D Pad button cut out because they want to focus on a primary destination. But tell that to the D Pad button is not enough then use much more difficult. Must remember that this is a Windows Mobile Phone iPhone is not used to try several brands cut button or D Pad Button 5 controls the direction but ultimately must return to the generations to Windows Mobile because it’s double D Pad button. Softkey also cut กัน not much but enough to cut the D Pad button allows the user more difficult. HTC However himself resolve the Software made by it to cover the use of focused primarily inch. Reduce the importance of the D Pad to use but I still have the habit of using that D Pad.
Four buttons around the front button on the left. Press the time it will send a short note that Feedback is used to press a button

Near the top of the speaker is known. That provides clear sound quality and add more time to talk phone. The front right corner is a camera. The formation of the curved screen and then view the harmonic well.

We try to open the disc after viewing in some areas. Generations of the HTC most will take the reset button on the wall after the loss of a majority complicate a little bit more time to make a reset but that does not take well to hide under the battery. In the rear lid open after this time we will find a box with SIM Card slot and a Micro SD.


Insert SIM must first remove the battery from the Memory Card but not before removing the battery from the first. The red button is the reset button for that.


Test performance of HTC Touch HD that I considered it a work quite well with the Quick Power 528 MHz CPU speed to consider a version of this work is not sluggish. If you look on the other hand, if the price of this size has a faster CPU, it would much better HTC Touch HD comes with 512 MB ROM and RAM size another 288 MB of redundant work, if the basic general considered a model. This work has the power rolled good performance. Working with programs that take much resources and CPU. I test as many games with the graphics trouble. The models are still very comfortable to work. But the support program for the screen in this format. May choose a bit. 512 MB of memory, if compared with the iPhone or Omnia is still considered as much. But can be added by supporting capacity Memory Card 8 GB high levels in 2009 but I know that the news might be twins HTC HTC Touch HD to increase the market HTC Max 4G version that will have a version of the CPU. work equally, but the Memory is much more.

The display screen of a HTC Touch HD’s WVGA I concede that no clear picture very sharp. Especially the movie definition เลย iPhone but do not lose brightness of the screen, if compared with the iPhone screen is brighter than the iPhone can be quite large. With a screen size of 3.8 inches and then I felt it to view the tasks and then see quite comfortable look good ครับ. Back to screen automated. In this generation are unable to screen all the applications it can only specific programs. The work generally remains similar to other Windows mobile devices but from tachograph performance. We should be clear enough to see the image.

When a force. Larger screen. More detailed impressions. What is the rate the power of a more Epenegatamtaw. Sip fuel like a car than the car’s strength there. Standard prose. This version of the battery will be somewhat faster than normal. About wastage rates, which gradually in that final period.

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Top Hit Valentine Gift.

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For brunch on your mind … tell passivity. May be uncomfortable with the word too. But if I have a way of cool gift items. Through selectivity that strapping young mind can be under any guarantee that many other Federal easily penetrates the heart is a gift … but that his popular Top Hits deliver Valentine’s Day lovers in what is um?


How many generations will be as many contemporary “Roses” is to become a champion top Valentine’s Day gift, especially “Red Rose” which has been young. But the context is smiling cheek. And accept the young of heart. Not to wallow Oiei sleep! If a sincere young love … hope you get real buck usually do not choose “white roses” instead of words to tell the media love best of sincerity and purity.

If a boy to whom. “Pink roses” means they are grown dilated heart. What is seen to be pink, but if the “yellow roses” Valentine’s Day is not muddled. Young people that just want to say. You want to talk Tokca continue to click on if a change from your fans.

But not a rose color that will If he rose to the boom means you start practicing love is like. The young age of any young boy, but if the roses bloom means love that is joyful and mellow breezy.

Other flowers.

Other popular flowers that people love roses and then save it with carnation flowers Lilly flower belt a violet flower which the meaning of the flowers are … if that.

     Carnation red means love dearly.

     Lilly white flower means mellow romantic love between you and the people.

     Not a red belt means love will overcome together.

     Violet flower meaning that instead of love to return.


Many psychologist believe. Chocolate is love, emotional support. The flavor is sweet and what a day instead of feeling love very well. It is scientifically proven that a substance in chocolate stimulate the brain out. An effect similar effects and have a look. A harbinger of deep feelings of love can be.

However, the chocolate can indicate a tendency to have to … If

“Spearmint chocolate” shows that people are openly candid and creative.

“Milk chocolate” are romantic talk fun but behave like outstanding.

“Chocolate stuff” is the party people socially benign.

“Dark chocolate” Did you find means to then hothead. Type faster love easy ignition.



That young who is not all melt. If a boy to buy diamonds. Exiguous space or memory is a Valentine’s gift. Because someone has courage to commit capital to building this size. If not hope you get true love. (Not counting them commit wealthy favor)! Youth who are looking for the shiny precious gift instead tell love words.
Suggest that diamond or pearl accessories selected media because the pure and everlasting love the new run’s meaning … and please … if there is carved the word LOVE on exiguous Wellcome boats hit the other end … wow. !






Is that every season has already. But for a special day of love must continue to choose to be love. Meaning instead of striking at any emotions you pick up what kind.

Indispensable for helping special day of love. It is located in what kind of restaurant or seaside home, but just ask and people love you.

I do not know that each person will then be a gift instead or not?

If it does not try to look Klik. Remaining time will be up soon. Valentine’s Day then.

I wish success to smb to enjoy all the love people.

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